Are people wearing blinkers?

I caught the bus the other morning.

It was rush hour so a busy bus.

I didn’t want to play on my phone so I took to people watching (the action to watch people in the bus)

Everyone well apart from me was on their smartphones doing something or another.

No one really was interested in the next person who got on and struggled to walk and no one in the seats near the front got up to let the frail person sit.

Where are the courteous manners gone?

I didn’t offer my seat as I was at the back of the bus and the person chose to stand near the front instead. Perhaps that suggests that they were’t desperately in need of a seat or that they couldn’t walk well enough to make it to the end of the bus.

Everyone carried on playing on their phone paying no attention to the happenings on the 35 minutes journey.

I witness similar behaviours when people walk, talk, park as close to their destination forgetting that someone might benefit from being able to park so close.

It’s as if what is in their mobile phones is more human than a person next to them.

Are we all so busy and worn out not to notice who is next to us?

It’s nice to be nice and personally I think being courteous and communicating to people face to face is still and will always be the most meaningful way.

Geraldine @ Papillon


No one moves

It went Attention Attention, This is a drill, please make your way to the nearest exit.

This message came out of the speakers last time I was at hospital waiting in a wide waiting area with ticket number.

As I listened to the message being repeated on and on, I thought mmmm I wonder if I should go.

I looked around and I was amazed to see no one actually moved or even made an attempt to evacuate the building.

We all looked at each other with that same confused look.

Outstanding that was in all honesty, was the drill real, I think it was, did any of us consider the need to evacuate, obviously no.

I remember thinking, they’ll come get me if they’re really wanting us to get out but would they though, faced with a real fire or other problem, would one really think to save the others or would they run for their lives?

Attacked by a Wild Boar

He was so scared he tells me!

My brother went for a run in Nice, France the other day near the woods area.

As he was minding his own business running, all of a sudden a wild boar came chasing him.

My brother was on one side of the road, the wild boar on the other.

My brother froze in fear, he says the wild boar was the size of a motorbike.

As he tells me the story, I am laughing so much because, of course to be able to tell me the story, he survived the wild boar but I was interested to know how.

Paralysed with fear, he looked at the Wild Boar and for some reason screamed really loudly at it. The wild boar stopped in its tracks and looked at my brother with its narrow eyes, my brother slowly picked a rock that even he struggled to carry, to perhaps attempt to defend himself, carefully stepping backwards. The Wild Boar carried on staring at my brother and then decided to carry on walking. So my brother was safe fortunately.

As he told me the story and I asked why did he scream at the wild boar, he says I don’t know, I just had a split second to think and running was no longer an option because the wild boar would have quickly caught up with him.  But it did the trick thankfully.

After the wild boar started to walk on, he saw 2 little wild boars following so he thinks mummy wild boar must have heard him run past and charged for him being scared for her little ones.

So after going through the ‘you should have taken your phone with you’ ‘you should always tell someone where you’re off to’ from my mum, my brother is safe which is the main thing but more to the point why are Wild Boars in the city of Nice?! I wonder what it looked like, though I don’t think taking a picture was on my brother’s mind…

Only because he is safe and well, that story is still making me laugh days on

Geraldine @ Papillon


What a wonderful day

This morning when I woke up, I knew it was going to be a good day but I just didn’t know how good it would turn out to be.

I met some lovely people in the morning where I exchanged thoughts and ideas with and it felt very productive.

I then went to a store to do a charity shift and I’ve never laughed so much.

The sun was shining and for a day in December, it didn’t feel so cold and my thermal was almost too warm but the warmth felt absolutely lovely.

I spent the afternoon surrounded with people who, like me, have had and are still going through some of the biggest challenges our health can give us when it doesn’t go so right anymore and we still found the strength to smile and be happy all day long.

I have aspired to be a fighter and full of hope no matter what hand I am dealt and I hope that when and if things progress, I will still remain as strong as the amazing people I have met today.

What a wonderful day!

Geraldine @ Papillon