It’s like walking with peeps

His face was priceless.

I was at hospital in the waiting area.

The consultant came out and shouted his next patient’s name.

Not 1, or 2 but 3 people got up and went to him.

His eyes opened widely and he looked puzzled.

The first person walked to him and said I’m her sister.

The second person walked to him and said I’m her friend.

The third got there also and said I’m your patient.

His face as he looked at all 3 of them was worth a picture.

He smiled and said, Ok then, one of you will have to sit on the couch.

And off they all went.

It wasn’t an area where you’re present to hear good news and I was filled with warmth as this person came with all the support she could and really when all else fails, what matter the most is how loved and supported we are.

That’s how we get through :-)

I’ll make sure I tell the people I love that I do love them and thank you for being there. There are many who have been and are still present and whether it has been a text, a quick coffee, holding my hand, squeezing me tight or generally be a part of my life, I appreciate the support and love I feel all the time and I feel stronger knowing they’re there.

Geraldine @ Papillon

Nothing will happen

Cliche are cliche for a reason…

I was on my way to the shops and I thought I’ll have a quick game before so I went online and there was an article about an armed robbery going on in the store I was about to go so I thought I best go later…

It made me think, when I stay at home, nothing will happen.

If I go out, there’s so many risks, being hit by a bus, being taken by unidentified objects, seeing pink elephants and all sorts of other things.

But I could miss out on all the good things like seeing my friends, getting some fresh air, walking around and so much more.

So do I stay in or do I go out? between so many risks there are also so many joys worth taking every risks in the world.

So when it goes wrong, it’s ok because I’ll have lived the life I want :-)

Go out, get some fresh air, you never know what’s round the corner.

Live each day as it’s your last

Geraldine @ Papillon


What a start to the New Year

Woo It's cold!

Woo It’s cold!

I know I can do it I told myself.

I will do it I kept saying to my friends. They didn’t believe I would.

On 1st January 2015, I gave myself a good talking to and I put my bikini on, I walked to the beach, my mum came along. She had her bikini on also.

It was 5 degrees which in the South of France is rare.

We looked at each other and I could see, it was now or never.

We ran towards the sea, my feet touched the water, I froze and stopped….I thought no way, it’s too cold.

I looked ahead, my mum was already off swimming around shouting at me to join her.

I wet my upper body and with all my will, I ran towards the big blue sea so cold but yet so clean and inviting.

Splash, it felt like…I can’t even describe it. There, I was in, I felt parts of my body I didn’t know I had before. Everything was tingling.

I didn’t stay long mind you, my mum went out, I soon followed.

What an amazing feeling and sense of achievement. I felt so strong.

I wanted to live to the French tradition and in 34 years, I had never done that. But after a very quick swim on 1st January, I felt warm throughout for the rest of the day.

I feel so proud and I will carry on, for each day I will aim to do something I have never done before.

Happy New Year

Geraldine @ Papillon