His face was priceless.

I was at hospital in the waiting area.

The consultant came out and shouted his next patient’s name.

Not 1, or 2 but 3 people got up and went to him.

His eyes opened widely and he looked puzzled.

The first person walked to him and said I’m her sister.

The second person walked to him and said I’m her friend.

The third got there also and said I’m your patient.

His face as he looked at all 3 of them was worth a picture.

He smiled and said, Ok then, one of you will have to sit on the couch.

And off they all went.

It wasn’t an area where you’re present to hear good news and I was filled with warmth as this person came with all the support she could and really when all else fails, what matter the most is how loved and supported we are.

That’s how we get through :-)

I’ll make sure I tell the people I love that I do love them and thank you for being there. There are many who have been and are still present and whether it has been a text, a quick coffee, holding my hand, squeezing me tight or generally be a part of my life, I appreciate the support and love I feel all the time and I feel stronger knowing they’re there.

Geraldine @ Papillon

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