The small Weleda Christmas box makes an ideal small gift.The small Weleda box

It is available to care for your sensitive skin, tempt you in some wonderful aromas or help you replenish and is priced at just £16.95 each. Real size products.

Almond Small box contains the all NEW Almond Hand Cream 50 ml and the Almond Facial Oil 50ml; A delightful starter to the caring Almond range.

Wild Rose small box contains the Wild Rose Facial Lotion 30ml and the Wild Rose Soap 100g. Enjoy the classic scent of Wild Rose whilst your skin is cleansed and gently moisturised.

Pomegranate Small box contains the Pomegranate Eye Cream 10ml and the Pomegranate Hand Cream 50ml; Refreshing!01011481a8c61f4e06220dd08a5eb79e7a933509ff

You can view Christmas 2015 with Weleda

Call me on 07707 083 249 or email me for info or to order.

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