The Little Treats are ideal when you know which Weleda products they love or when you want to treat a specific part of the body.

The Unique Trio Hand Cream priced at just £25 contains 3 full size Hand Creams, the Sea Buckthorn cream rich in vitamins, the Evening Primrose Hand cream intensely regenerates your hands and the Almond Hand Cream fast absorbing and calms your skin.

The SkinCare for your hands treat Food Saviour, Weleda Heroe, contains a Skin Food 75ml with a free organic cotton Flannel. For dry and rough skin everywhere. It is priced at just £9.95

The Foot Rescue Kit contains a Foot Balm 75ml and a free socks. For super silky and refreshed feet. It is priced at just £9.95

The Pomegranate Hand & Nail Kit contains Pomegranate Hand Cream 50ml, Pomegranate Nail Pen and free cotton gloves. For Happy Hands! It is priced at just £13.95

You can view Christmas 2015 with Weleda

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